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Writing from the Inside Out

The Private and the Public: Familiar Essays
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This is a community closed to membership except for the students in one class, at one school, in one state.

If we are truly sociable critters, despite our probably innate tendency to withdraw into the computer screen and isolate ourselves in a web of friends and connections, then we need a place to be together...even when we're apart. The distance is a familiar one--and it allows discussion on levels that face to face does not really encourage. Here, then, is where the out of class discussion of what's happening in class will happen.

Discussion of the readings? Your musings about how those readings can function? A call to the community that your latest paragraphs are up on your page? Or perhaps a lengthy issue at relevance to the class...the trials, the trivia, the triumph of writing well both privately, in this community, and publicly, in your LJs and as you post your essays. Here's a place to not just trade ideas, and to tease each other about using cliches...let us also consider the Big Things.

Rules of the Game:
1--There will be no flaming of any kind.
2--You should always use subject headings when you post to the community.
3--Remember that anyone can read these posts but ONLY members can post anything here.
4--You may edit and/or delete the posts you make to this community if you're logged in. However, I'd ask that you limit your editing to obvious formatting or comment-screen problems...in other words, don't revise what you say in your posts after you make them. And don't delete anything. The community is a record of the class, and it should not be tampered with.